Chromaconditional, performance system, 2013.

Presented by The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.

I designed Chromaconditional in response to the work of Finnish artist and filmmaker Mika Taanila, whose exhibition, Tomorrow’s New Dawn, was on view during the presentation of Chromaconditional. 

Chromaconditional features Kevin Harris, Mike Murphy, Jeremy Kannapell, and Adrian McBride. 

Chromaconditional is a series of three-channel HD synchronized projections, totaling over fifty feet in length. The light from these projections affects photo sensors, which control custom-built circuits. Signals from these circuits will, in turn, be sent to a series of modular sound synthesizers controlled by three musicians and producing six independent channels of synthesized sound.

For the performance, I built a custom light to voltage converter, designed by Dr. Mabuse: